Baby, it's going to be cold outside!

Weather Changes Ahead

Temperatures will dip below zero this week. To help mitigate wind and cold damage, please do a few quick things:

Hydrate your plants. Plump roots will tolerate icy temperatures better. This is especially the case for plants under the eaves of your house (these plants receive little water even when it rains), and check the moisture level of containers and beds too. Move planters into protected areas. Plants in containers generally lose one zone of hardiness, so it's best to either wrap them with a proper insulating fabric like N-Sulate or just move them into the garage (or equally sheltered spot). Mulch up any exposed rose crowns, and perennial beds will appreciate a layer of mulch too.

Wrap tender plants. Palms, bananas and foliage of other tender plants should be wrapped with N-Sulate or another insulating fabric.

Empty bird baths so that they don't freeze, or set in an animal-safe heater to keep the water moving. You can also consider setting out trays of water regularly (they still need something to drink!). Set out bird feeders too - they need food sources now, not just in the middle of winter. Suet is a good option as it will help them maintain fat stores over the colder months.

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