Hand picked by Brian and our team of tree and shrub pros, our nursery contains some of the most sought-after and unique plants for our region. Browse our vast selection of deciduous, evergreen, fruiting and flowering trees and shrubs. Our experts can assist you with choosing the perfect addition to your garden.


Placed in hanging baskets or cheery containers or planted en masse in garden beds, annuals serve the purpose of adding colour, pure and simple. Different annuals take the stage each season so be prepared to find something fresh and new in our annual house at any given time of the year!


Our perennial area contains a wonderful variety of plants including alpines, bog plants, ornamental grasses, groundcovers, flowering and foliage perennials and more! There is truly a perennial to match your personal style and growing condition, so come and explore our extensive collection.

Vegetables and Herbs

'Incredible Edibles', as we like to call them, have a permanent home in our store. We are fortunate enough to be able to grow food in our area throughout the year so we make the most of it! Though volumes and varieties do of course fluctuate through the seasons, there is always a fresh flavour to take home.

Water Gardening

Water gardening has really taken off in the last few years, and once you spend a moment surrounded by trickling water, lush plants, and the occasional frog chorus, you'll see why. We offer all you need to set up everything from a simple table-top fountain to a rushing, full-scale waterfall.

Tropical Plants

There is a whole world of indoor gardening to explore and few folks realize how truly beneficial they can be! Tropical plants instantly make houses feel like homes, many help clean the air we breathe and they make welcome gifts for those who live in smaller homes. Visit any time of year for a tropical safari!

Healthy Houseplants Sharing your interior living space with a lush selection of beautiful tropical plants will not only enrich the d├ęcor of your home, it will also ameliorate the air quality. Easy-care and inexpensive plants like chrysanthemums, peace lilies, golden pothos, dracaenas (red margin specifically), Chinese evergreens (aglaonemas), philodendrons, Ficus benjaminas and spider plants will help remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene. Even phalaenopsis orchids, known for their beauty, remove xylene and toluene. How sweet is that?

Science has also shown that having plants in one's environment will improve cognitive thinking, help relieve depression and increase a sense of well being and happiness. Caring for and nurturing plants is a form of therapy, a counteraction to today's fast-paced, electronics-driven world.

Some houseplants perform better than others under certain conditions or for specific situations such as:
Low Maintenance: Sansevieria (Mother-In-Law's Tongue), Pteris Ferns, Spider Plants
Low Light: Philodendrons, Peace Lilies, Dracaenas
Best Flowering Tropicals:Bromeliads, Anthuriums, Phalaenopsis Orchids
Most Dramatic Foliage: ZZ Plants Zamioculcas zamilfolia), 'Limelight' Dracaena, Nephthytis (new varieties)

Most houseplants need good drainage and must be planted in pots that have holes so excess water can run off. Some decorative pots do not have drainage holes and should be used only as a container for the growing pot. High quality soil is essential and should meet the following criteria: it must be sterilized; it should contain porosity materials, such as perlite or pumice, to allow oxygen to penetrate in and around the roots and to ensure good drainage; and it must have moisture retention capabilities.

How to water correctly is critical to the well being of your houseplants. This is where most of us get into trouble. Saturated soils dry out slowly and often cause root rot and the demise of the plant. The best way to tell if a plant needs watering is by lifting the pot and feeling its weight. If it feels heavy, the plant does not need water. If it feels light, the plant is dry and should be watered. Water well with warm water, then let the plant dry out between waterings. During the growing season, March to September, immediately after each watering, feed your houseplants with a 20-20-20 fertilizer (with micronutrients) mixed in water. Be sure to check the container directions for the correct ratio.

Hard Goods

Plant some bulbs, grow some seeds, you'll need a shovel to dig up weeds. Hoses, watering cans, planters too, your garden will benefit from some moo pooh too. Candles, vases, shiny things, don't forget to feed our feathered friends with wings! Gardening 'hard goods' take your garden from plants to poetry, and we have a full vocabulary to help you! NEW for 2017: We're thrilled to be a West Coast Seeds 'Signature Store'!

Ladies Fashion

We are pleased to carry beautiful lines of ladies clothing, hats and accessories. The pieces we carry are unique, comfortable and flattering... come on in and try on something new today (fresh product arrives regularly throughout the year!). Some of the labels we offer are Vero Moda, Yest and Crocs (footware). Change rooms are located beside the floral department.

Seasonal Items

Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Christmas, these are just a few of the holidays that we love to celebrate! We take pride (and quite honestly have a lot of fun) in offering customers unique, quality seasonal items throughout the year. Stumped for your next great gift idea? Come in and let us help.


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