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Bulb Guide    Lawn Care    Planting Guide   
Rose Guide    Starting Seeds    Small Fruits    Fruit Trees   
Vegetable Gardening    Container Gardening   
Dry Spell Watering       Preparing for a Cold Snap    Winter Damage   
Planting Asparagus    Bee Gardening/Winter Wildlife
Hanging Basket How To's

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Garden Composting

Compost is a great way to reduce household garbage and create a delicious treat for your garden soil. Once you determine where your compost structure will go (ideally a nice sunny spot with good drainage), sprinkle a layer of small branches in it and then start building your 'layer cake'. Fill your bin with equal layers of 'green' (i.e. leftover veggies and soft plant trimmings) and 'brown' (i.e. dried leaves and dried grass clippings).

Good Compost Candidates... Grass (fresh or dry, but not wet), plants & weeds (yes, weeds are ok), soft plant stems (not hard branches), small twigs, fruit scraps & vegetable trimmings, dried or fresh leaves (cut small, if possible), egg shells (crushed), tea bags and coffee grounds etc.
Do Not include... Meat, fish and bones, plastics or metals, fats and oils, dairy products, pet waste, cheese, sauces etc.

Compost that's ready to go back in the garden should be the consistency of a wrung out sponge - moist but not damp. It takes at least six months to get to this stage. Reference: Compost Council of Canada.

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