Privacy Policy is owned and operated by and Minter Country Garden Ltd. The organization, the employees of the organization and the associated website strive to maintain the following standards. For simplicity, references to Minter Country Garden Ltd. will encompass all associated companies and the website.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information is any information about an "identifiable individual" including information such as birth date, credit card number, or purchasing details. Information published publicly such as listed telephone number, address and name is not considered to be personal information. Minter Country Garden Ltd. recognizes the importance of handling and managing the personal information of our customers and our staff with great care.

Sharing & Collecting Information

Minter Country Garden Ltd. will not share personal information with any other company except as permitted by law. Information collected is used to (a) initiate and maintain a service relationship (b) for invoicing, accounting, and security administration; and (c) to promote Minter Country Garden Ltd.'s products and services and those of its affiliates and agents. We will obtain the individual's express consent to the collection of personal information that we require. Express consent may be given verbally or in writing, including by electronic means. Consent may also be withdrawn by our customers subject to any applicable legal limitations, by contacting us. Minter Country Garden Ltd. will only collect personal information from you if you voluntarily provide it, for instance, by placing an order to buy flowers, by subscribing to our e-newsletter, or by joining the Minter Club.

Disclosure & Maintenance

Personal information in Minter Country Garden Ltd.'s custody shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than the purposes for which the information was collected or uses reasonably consistent with such purposes, unless consent has been given for such new uses. The exception to this commitment is where the use is authorized by law or where disclosure is as required by law. If Minter Country Garden Ltd. finds it necessary to transfer personal information in our possession to a third party such as contracted agents involved in the delivery of products to our customers or agents involved in the collection of customer accounts for Minter Country Garden Ltd., the transfer of such information is completed according to a contractual relationship with the third party recipient to ensure those in receipt of the information maintain the confidentiality of such transferred information.

Information will be held only as long as it is required to fulfill service obligations. Once information is no longer required it is to be disposed of or made anonymous. Minter Country Garden Ltd. uses commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information it collects is accurate, complete and up to date. Information is safeguarded against loss, theft and unauthorized access according to the sensitivity of information.

Individuals or customers may want to review or verify personal information held by Minter Country Garden Ltd. In some instances personal information will not be disclosed such as:

  • If it contains references to other persons
  • Its subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege
  • It contains Minter Country Garden Ltd confidential information
  • It has been destroyed due to legal requirements or because Minter Country Garden Ltd. no longer needed to retain the information for the purposes for which it was collected
  • It is too costly to retrieve
  • It cannot be disclosed for other legal reasons

Links to Other Websites

Minter Country Garden Ltd.'s website may contain links to other sites that are not governed by this Privacy Policy. The links used in this site may be to those of our business partners, vendors, and other agencies. Please note that Minter Country Garden Ltd. is not responsible for the privacy policy and practices of the linked sites.

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