Gifts for the Gardener (or Gardener at Heart) 2019

by | Dec 17, 2019

When it comes to gift-giving, they say 'it’s the thought that counts'—and it’s true! Should you be stuck for ideas though, we've got lots of suggestions for all kinds of gardeners on your list!

When it comes to gift-giving, they say “it’s the thought that counts”—and it’s true! However, if you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got you covered. No matter what kind of gardener is on your list, from ‘The Pro’ to ‘Somehow Kills Plastic Plants’, we have a plethora of beautiful, practical, fun, long-lasting, and/or tasty gift ideas to help you fill out your shopping list!


The Garden Connoisseur

  • ‘Yuletide’ Camelia 
  • Hellebores (blooming now!)
  • David Austin Roses
  • Jewel Orchids (indoor)
  • Citrus Shrubs (many with edible fruit!)
  • Sweet Chestnut Trees


The Indoor Gardener

  • Swiss Cheese Plants
  • Hoya Plants
  • Figs: Audrey (Ficus benghalensis), Amstel King (Ficus alii) and Fiddle Leaf (Ficus lyrata) varieties
  • Misting Bottles

The Gourmet Gardener

  • Persimmon Trees (generally Zone 7)
  • Fig Trees (generally Zone 7)
  • Olive Trees (Zone 8)
  • Indoor Sprouting Seeds
  • Perennial Herbs
  • Gourmet Village Dip Mixes & Warmers


 The Novice Gardener

  • Orchids (& Orchid Food for the growing season)
  • Air Plants & Cool Display Containers
  • Snake Plants
  • Moisture Meters


 The Young Gardener

  • ‘Groot‘ Planters
  • Child-Sized Wheelbarrows
  • Miniature Indoor Plants 
  • Nectar Dots (hand-held hummingbird feeders)
  • Fa-La-La-La Llama decorations (they’re really cute!)


The Pro Gardener

  • New Pruners & Loppers
  • Kent & Stowe Tools
  • Kneeling/Sitting Benches
  • Gardening Apron (with foldable bag)
  • Tree Watering Bags

The All-Weather Gardener

  • Crocs Boots
  • Northern Comfort Socks (to go in those Crocs boots!)
  • Watson Gloves
  • Night Scout Toques (with built-in headlamp)
  • Umbrellas
  • Solar Lights (so they can work into the night!)
  • Gourmet Hot Chocolates & Mugs (to warm up after a long day)

The Musical Gardener

  • Woodstock Windchimes
  • Rain Chains
  • Bird Feeders (for natural tunes!)

The Bee-Friendly Gardener

  • Mason Bee Houses
  • Mahonia Shrubs, Winter Heather & Hellebores

The Pet-Loving Gardener

  • Dog-Spot Remover

The Well-Read Gardener

  • Local Lore Books

The Full Fragrance Gardener

  • Viburnum ‘Pink Dawn’
  • Hamamelis (Chinese Witch Hazel)

The Fairy Gardener

  • Fairy Garden Figurines or Gnomes
  • Small Tropical Plants (for indoor fairy gardens)
  • Small Evergreens (for outdoor fairy gardens)
  • Solar Lights or Battery-Operated Micro-Lights

The Fashionable Gardener

  • Joseph Ribcoff Clothing (for ladies)
  • Sequinned Slippers

The ‘I’ll Drink to Your Success!’ Gardener

  • Canadian Drinking Toques
  • Beer Soap
  • ‘Shimmerology Powders’
  • Festive Wine Glasses (& decorative napkins, for the occasional spill!)
  • European Patio Lighting

The Impatient Gardener

  • Grow Lights
  • West Coast Seeds (for next season)
  • Planting Media
  • Forcing Bulbs (for indoor blooms)
  • Spring Blooming Bulbs (for outdoor blooms)
  • Patio Greenhouses (tiered stands with covers)

Still stuck? Not to worry, we gift cards are also available! Gift cards are available for purchase online via Shopify (for pre-set values) or in-store for any denomination. You can also call us at 604.792.3799 to order over the phone.

Be sure to visit the fantastic boutiques and café on-site for even more wonderful ideas! Aromatica Fine Teas offers more than 200 varieties of tea, tea service supplies, handmade soaps, decadent chocolates and a wealth of tea knowledge so that you can choose the perfect tea to your loved one—call it a “matcha” made in heaven!

Switzer’s Vintage Décor carries a huge selection of vintage decorative pieces, collectibles, country-themed decor and antique furnishings—perfect for those who’d love to have a touch of yesteryear in their homes. 

Finally, Cultivate Café is the open, airy, cozy in-store café with an atmosphere that is oh-so-welcoming! They offer a delicious array of home-baked goods, homemade soups, divine meals, and they also have gift certificates! Cultivate is licensed, so you can enjoy a glass of wine, beer or cider with your meal, too. They make an ideal ‘regroup and refuel’ destination during this busy season and a lovely place to meet up with friends and family in the new year.

 Minter Country Garden is truly a destination garden store! We invite you to come for a visit this holiday season, whether it’s to shop, enjoy some holiday fun, savour a meal or just surround yourself with colourful growing things and a whole lot of holiday spirit. See you soon!