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What’s In-Store & More

Incredible Edibles

‘Incredible Edibles’ have a permanent home in our store because we can grow food in our area throughout the year (yes, you can have fresh fruit from the tree in November)! We’re pleased to offer berry plants, fruit trees, specialty fruits (citrus, olives etc.), starter veggies and herbs. Though volumes and varieties do fluctuate through the seasons, there is always a fresh flavour to take home. Bon appetit!

Tropical Plants

There is a whole world of indoor gardening to explore and folks are starting to realize how truly beneficial they can be. Tropical plants instantly make houses feel like homes, many help clean the air we breathe and they make welcome gifts too (air plants and orchids are particularly good choices)! Generally speaking, houseplants do best in bright indirect light and they liked to be watered thoroughly but allowed to dry ever so slightly before being watered again. Low Light? No problem! Come on in to see the many choices available for offices and not-so-sunny spots.


Succulents are one of the most popular plants right now and the trend shows no signs of slowing down! We’ve searched high and low for the coolest varieties and now grow many of them in our greenhouses, including ‘tiny sizes’ that are perfect as wedding favours. Please note, most images of succulents found online are tender for our area; they cannot withstand a frost and must be protected during the colder months of the year. Looking for more of a long-term relationship with your succulent? Head to the Perennial Houses and shop from an array of hardy succulents and sempervivums!


Cascading in hanging baskets, clustered in containers or planted en masse in garden beds, annuals serve the purpose of adding colour, pure and simple. We are lucky to live in a region that has four distinct seasons, and even luckier that there are different annuals that take the stage in each of those season, so be prepared to find something fresh and new at any given time of the year! We’re pleased to grow many of our own bedding plants and hanging baskets in our greenhouses, but equally pleased to work closely with many growers in the Fraser Valley to supply the newest and most vibrant seasonal plants on the market.

Perennials & Grasses

Our perennial area contains an exciting variety of plants including alpines, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, hardy succulents, flowering and foliage perennials (for sun or shade) and more. We’ve recently ‘colour coded’ our shopping area to help you find what you need, so our pretty tables now do double duty too! There is truly a perennial to match your personal style and growing condition, so whether you’re creating a Cottage Garden or a Pollinator Haven, come and explore!

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs act as anchors in your garden and they add value not only aesthetically but financially too. They improve the curb appeal of your home and, when planted strategically, can reduce your electric bill both in summer and winter (by providing shade and acting as a windbreak respectively). There are many nursery items that offer multiple seasons of interest these days. From textured bark to brilliant fall colour, bold blooms to berries for the birds, you’re sure to find a plant that will enhance your home.

Hand picked by our team of tree and shrub pros, our nursery contains some of the most sought-after and unique plants for our region, and many are grown locally. We take great care to ensure there are options for large and small gardens too, so whether you’ve got acreage or square footage, our experts can assist you with choosing the perfect addition to your garden!


Plant some bulbs, grow some seeds, you’ll need a shovel to dig up weeds. Hoses, watering cans, planters too… perhaps your garden needs a dash of ‘moo pooh’? Candles, vases, shiny things, don’t forget to feed our friends with wings! Gardening ‘sundries’ take your garden from plants to poetry, and we have a full vocabulary to help you!

Seasonal Items

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, these are just a few of the holidays that we love to celebrate! We take pride (and quite honestly have a lot of fun) in offering customers unique, quality seasonal items throughout the year. Stumped for your next great gift idea? Come in and let us help!

& Fresh Flowers too!

You can find our full service floral shop right inside Minter Country Garden! We have a great team of talented florists who can custom design your flowers for your style and budget. We source our cut stems from local growers and sometimes from our own field and greenhouses! Please click here to go to our Floral Department.

Return Policy

Perhaps that philodendron just didn’t fit with your design scheme, or maybe 10 tomatoes were a bit ambitious for that 4’x8’ plot. Should you need to return an item please review details of our policy here. Is your plant not faring well? Please give us a call at the first signs of strife and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue!

On-Site Boutiques & Café

Hungry for more? While you’re here be sure to visit the fantastic café and specialty shops on-site: Cultivate Café, Marais Tea Company and Switzer’s Vintage Décor!