Gifts for the Gardener (or Gardener at Heart) 2021!

by | Dec 8, 2021

When it comes to gift giving, they say it’s the thought that counts and it’s true! Should you be stuck for ideas, however, we are happy to offer you several. No matter what kind of gardener is on your list, from ‘The Pro’ to ‘They Kill Plastic Plants,’ we have a plethora of beautiful, practical, fun, long lasting, and/or tasty gifts to shop from!

DIY Gardener

  • Centrepiece Supplies (We also have wax pens for decorating candles!) 
  • Wreath Making Supplies 
  • Ingredients for Indoor Gardens or Terrariums 
  • Hot Chocolate Bomb Kits (Super fun!)
-hot chocolate bombs Minter country garden

The ‘I’ll drink to your success!’ Gardener

  • ‘Gin-gle’ Bells Christmas tree ornaments (there are also beer, Moscow mule, and martini-themed ornaments as well) 
  • Beer Soap Sets 
  • Mini Beer-Pong Game 
  • Ornament-shaped Party Sipper Cups 
  • Festive Beverage Glasses (& decorative napkins for the occasional spill)
-beer soap gardener minter country gardens

Culinary Gardener

  • Citrus Shrubs  
  • Perennial Herbs
  • Jujube Trees (generally Zone 7, produce olive-shaped brown fruits that taste like dates!) 
  • The Mushrooms of Western Canada Book (to identify our local mushrooms) 
  • Favuzzi Gourmet Italian Foods, Mini Panettones, and Pistachio Cream!  
  • Joe Beef BBQ Seasonings
  • Walkers Chocolates and Sweets 
  • Gourmet Village Dip Mixes & Warmers

Young Gardener

  • ‘Build Your Own’ Insect Houses 
  • ‘Paint Your Own’ Bird Houses 
  • Miniature Indoor Plants  
  • Carnivorous Plants (Harder to grow, but neat to try!)
  • Vegetable and Flower Seeds 
  • Kid-Sized Tools and Gloves

The Novice Gardener

  • Orchids (& orchid food for the growing season) 
  • Air Plants & Cool Display Containers 
  • Snake Plants (They’re very durable plants!)
  • Moisture Meters 
  • Self-watering vessels
-air plants at minter country garden

‘Never too Old for This’ Gardener

  • Extendable Shoe Horn 
  • Sock ‘Puller Uppers’ 
  • EZ-Riser (standing aid) 
  • Night Scout LED Headlamp Toques
  • High Quality Tools and Pruners 
  • Spa Relaxus Home Spa Treatments (to refresh after a day in the garden!)

-spa treatments minter country garden

‘I’ll Enjoy the View From Inside’ Gardener

  • Mulled Apple Cider Spice Mix & Festive Mugs
  • Local Lore, Nature & Garden Books & Magazines 
  • Botanical Garden Puzzles
  • Amaryllis Bulbs (for indoor blooms)



Outdoor Garden Connoisseur

  • ‘Yuletide’ Camellia  
  • ‘Pink Pearl’ Gaultheria (Wintergreen)
  • Hellebores (blooming now!) 
  • Sweet Chestnut Trees (for roasting on an open fire)
  • Spring Blooming Bulb Collections

Indoor Garden Connoisseur

  • ‘Mistletoe’ Rhipsalis 
  • Ficus triangularis 
  • Epiphyllum anguliger (foliage is jagged!) 
  • Slipper and Jewel Orchids 
  • ‘Autumn Ember’ Orange-leafed Begonia (pictured)
  • Misting Bottles
-orange leafed begonia minter country garden

The Musical Gardener

  • Woodstock and Decorative Windchimes 
  • Rain Chains 
  • Bird Feeders and Seed/Suet (for natural tunes!)

The Pollinator-Friendly Gardener

  • Hummingbird Feeders, Nectar & Heaters (Photo credit: Hummer Hearth 
  • Mason Bee Houses 
  • Bird Feeders, Suet & Seed
  • Winter Heather, Hellebores & Early Spring Blooming Bulbs

-hummingbird feeder heater minter country garden

Full Fragrance Gardener

  • Michel Design Works Soaps (in lovely bottles/wrapped bars) 
  • Viburnum ‘Pink Dawn’ 
  • Hamamelis (Chinese Witch Hazel) 
  • Sarcococca  
  • Forcing Bulbs (for indoor blooms) like hyacinths and paperwhites 

-spa treatments minter country garden

The The Impatient Gardener

  • Grow Lights and Propogation Tools
  • Mini-Greenhouses
  • West Coast Seeds 
  • Planting Media
  • Frost Protection (for Late Winter/Early Spring)

Pro Mix seed starting mix

Still stuck? Not to worry, we have Gift Cards! Gift Cards are available for purchase online via Shopify (for pre-set values) or in-store for any denomination. You can also call us at 604.792.3799 to order over the phone. 

Be sure to visit the fantastic boutiques and café on-site for even more wonderful ideas! Aromatica Fine Teas offers more than 200 varieties of tea, tea service supplies, handmade soaps, decadent chocolates, and a wealth of tea knowledge so that you can match the tea to your loved one! Switzer’s Vintage Décor carries a huge selection of vintage decorative pieces, country-themed decor, and antique furnishings… perfect for those who’d love to have a touch of yesteryear in their homes. Finally, Cultivate Café is the open, airy, cozy in-store café that is so welcoming! They offer a delicious array of home-baked goods, homemade soups, meals that are divine, and they have gift certificates! Cultivate is licensed, so you can enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or cider with your meal too. They make an ideal ‘regroup and refuel’ destination during this busy season, and a lovely place to meet up with friends and family in the new year too!

Minter Country Garden is truly a destination garden store! We invite you to come for a visit this holiday season, whether it’s to shop, savour a meal, or just surround yourself with colourful growing things and a lot of holiday spirit. See you soon!