Pruning Tips

Pruning 101 & 102 Session Handouts

Normally each January and February we host pruning seminars to help folks learn the art and science of pruning. Doug and Dave Neufeld have so graciously joined us to lead ‘Pruning 101’ for many years, which addressed deciduous fruit, flowering and shade trees. Brian addressed other popular garden plants, from berries to roses, vines to ornamentals during the ‘Pruning 102’ session. Due to Covid, we will not be hosting any events this winter or spring. Instead (we know it’s not quite the same!) we are posting the contents of the session handouts here. There are many good pruning books available and videos as well (just try to ensure the video is from a reputable source, such as a nursery or professional arborist). Good sites to start with include: Proven Winners, and Stark Bros. Nursery

Pruning 101

Please click here for the pdf copy of our Pruning 101 handout.

Pruning 102

Please click here for the pdf copy of our Pruning 102 handout.